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1. "Dragon Mine" event - what is it?

Dragon Mine is a new game event held in MagicChain from time to time. During this event, each player gets the opportunity to increase his stock of crystals by 20% daily.

2. How to take part in the "Dragon Mine" event?

In order to participate in the event, you must buy a pickaxe in the event window. At the end of the event, the used pickaxe breaks and cannot be used in the next event. However, even a broken pickaxe is valuable and can be sold for gold coins and experience in the equivalent of the crystals spent on buying and levelling up a pickaxe!

3. How to extract crystals in the "Dragon Mine"?

To extract crystals, just buy a pickaxe. Having bought a pickaxe, you start extracting crystals daily at a 5% rate of the pickaxe cost. The size of daily extraction can be increased up to 20% but you need to work hard!

4. How to extract more crystals?

You can increase the number of extracted crystals by improving your pickaxe. However, you can extract even more by inviting referrals to the game. Only your own referrals are considered, they also take part in the event, i.e. they bought a pickaxe.

5. I invited referrals, increased the percentage of crystal extraction, and then it dropped. Why?

Every day depending on your level of extraction efficiency, some number of referrals from those you have invited is deducted. That`s why it is important to invite more new referrals in order to prevent the percentage of extracted stuff that you accumulated from dropping.

6. I improved the pickaxe but the number of extracted crystals has not increased today. Why?

All improvements and referrals affect your extracted stuff right away only on the first day of your participation in the event. Starting from the second day of the game, the improvements will affect your extracted stuff only from the next day, since the couriers need time to bring your new, improved pickaxe to the mine.

7. How long does the "Dragon Mine" event last?

The "Dragon Mine" event lasts until a mine in which players extract crystals crashes down. All the crystals spent by the players on the purchase and improvement of the pickaxes go to the mine repair. The mine will crash down when the crystals spent by the players are not enough to repair the mine. In the game, you can always see the current condition of the mine and understand when you need to make special efforts to prevent the mine from crashing down beforehand.

8. How is the mine repair cost determined?

The daily cost of the mine repair is equal to the sum of payments to the players for that day, plus 10%.

9. Mine condition is critical - that is what crystals show before mine repair. What does it mean?

If the mine is in critical condition, then if today none of the players invests the necessary amount of crystals for repair, it will crash down and the "Dragon Mine" event will end. If you see that the mine is in critical condition, try to repair it as soon as possible.

10. When can I get the crystals I have extracted in the mine?

All crystals that you extracted are stored in the mine’s warehouse. You get all the extracted crystals immediately after it crashes.

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